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What is Crop Factor for Digital Cameras?

What does it mean when someone tells you that a camera has a “1.6x crop factor”? Well, first off, “crop factor” can refer to both sensor size as well as lenses, because it generally affects both. Check out this quick article about sensor size, for some background information. Digital cameras can use very differently sized sensors, but many times will accept lenses from the same manufacturer. For example, a Canon EOS Rebel T1i has an APS-C sized sensor, but the Canon 6D has a “full-frame” or “35mm” sized sensor. But many lenses will work for both cameras – how does...

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Street Photography 101: Don’t Be Creepy

Street photography is really one of my favorite genres – it’s really fun, interesting, and human. Plus, you get to meet cool people! I’ll share some technical tips later, but I think there’s some things that you should know even before you leave your home. Street photography can involve making people your subjects, but unlike portraits or event photography, you might be taking pictures of strangers – or may not even have their permission! ([Do you need permission?]) Of course, this means that there are important considerations for street photography. You must: Not be creepy. Be considerate of peoples’ privacy....

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Kodak Tri-X 400

A classic film, held in high esteem. Many people use Tri-X as their go-to film. Type: Black and white film. ISO: 400 Contrast: Medium to low. Grain: Subtle but distinctively “film.” Best for: Strong mid-tones and high dynamic range. I don’t use it very often, but this is partly a result of my own preferences. Unfortunately, it’s also a result of other films being better choices for specific needs. Kodak Tri-X is good at everything but great at none of them. However, this makes it a good choice for a walk-around film – especially if you’re not sure what...

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Megapixels Don’t Matter

So why aren’t there screens that are as high-resolution as our cameras? Why haven’t TVs or tablets or monitors caught up? It’s actually simple – past a certain point, you can’t see the difference. Megapixels don’t matter.

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Try Film Sometime

There’s a bunch of hipsters out there who will tell you that film is better than digital. They’re actually kind of right. But not for these reasons: Film has a certain “look” that can’t be replicated by digital cameras. Films do have distinctive colors, contrast, and grain – but there are numerous post-processing methods that replicate this effect. While it may not be easy to replicate film, and while the world’s foremost experts may correctly discern the difference, the vast majority of viewers will not. If you care about the “look,” you have the ability to reproduce it digitally – just...

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