Author: Luke

Avoid the Digital Graveyard

Quick – where’s your essays from 1th grade? Well, if you’re young enough to have typed them on a computer, then perhaps there’s saved… somewhere? Well, you knew where they were at the time, but then you got a new desktop computer, and then a new laptop for college, and now you just use an iPad and your phone, mostly. Maybe they’re saved in an old format that won’t work anymore. Maybe they’re lost, or deleted. But that’s okay, because they’re from years ago, and who wants to look through that old stuff? This is a kind of dangerous problem for digital...

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Go Somewhere Interesting

Good things happen when you get uncomfortable. And I mean really uncomfortable. Truth be told, unless you’re shooting [macro – bug and reversed lens] photography or experimenting with [creative scenes – light trails, art droplets, etc.], then you’ll probably quickly run out of interesting pictures from your backyard. I’ve found that making myself go somewhere – even somewhere close by – can give me the motivation and subject necessary to get in a really productive, creative mood. I’ll share one example: I took my camera with me while I got pizza. Walking around my favorite pizza place, I saw...

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I have a website to share my photos. Here, I’ll share my experiences and tips to help you learn about photography. Your feedback (or your own articles) are always welcome! -Luke